It had been a long time ago that the elves marched into the green desert of the continent of Surdin and fought against the two human tribes; the Alboni and the Torin. It was a long time ago that the Proud Torin sold their souls to Fiends for magic and power to fight against the elves. And it was so long ago now that the Elves tricked the Alboni into betraying the Torin and together forced the Torin to flee into the Ocean. How we have forgotten when the elven enslaved the foolish Alboni, stripping them of their name and branding them as Mal; slave.

And From the sea they returned. First one by one, then ten by ten, by the time the Elves had realized they were under attack they were arriving by the thousands. Hordes of Demons and Devils, monstrosities, and twisted demonic creatures rising from the sea, and wading through the fog. By the time the Elves had rung the alarms and lit the piers ablaze to warn all of its kingdoms, it was too late. The Torin’s had returned and in what is now historically called the “One Day War” The Torin’s and their unending army of fiends took back what was once and is now their home land; Tora.

Upon day break the Horde of demons burned away into thick clouds of ash but the damage was done. The Elven forces had been crippled and pulled back beyond the mountains. All that remained were the Torin and the Mal who were abandoned by their masters. The Torin took no pity on the Mal and to punish them for betraying them so long ago, they kept the Mal as slaves. And so the Torin’s Built their Kingdom of Tora upon the backs of their slaves.

Today, as the continent of Surdins biggest exporter, and importer of slaves, Tora is known as the Kingdom of Chains. It is said that the mortar of Tora’s greatest cities are the bones and flesh of the very slaves that built it, that at night the mortar that lines the stones run red with Mal blood, and the halls are filled with screams of those being crushed beneath the bricks. Some say it is those very screams that will one day incite a revolution, that one day those screams will echo throughout the kingdom of Tora and in the moments of silent that follows all the slaves with raise their fist and rebel.